My pastor said today that we are all broken people.  He has said that many times, and I do believe him.  I agree.  However, I wonder why he says it.  I suspect it is said so that people will feel accepted and will be willing to come to the Lord.  It is to assure them that nobody is better than anybody else, so they can feel like they are one of us.

We are all broken in some way, but many people can be broken and yet not be broken.  Does that make sense?  Some are defensive and prideful.  Some are just downright mean. Then there are others who realize that they cannot go on through life in their own broken strength.  They humbly bow before God with a broken and contrite heart, rejecting pride and defenses, repenting of their meanness and receive from God forgiveness, healing, and the strength to go on.  Healing comes to those who are truly broken and contrite before the Lord.  The others will have no peace and will stumble again and again until all the props are knocked out from under them and they look up to God in humility and faith.


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