Against My Soul part 2

I can do it.  I can vote for Trump.  As I looked at the last debate, it became clear which side was part adolescent, but also which side was against the sanctity of life.  I can lay down my issues with Trump, because they are issues that hit me in a personal way.  I feel confident that I know what kind of man he is and it is the kind of man who I have struggled against in my life experiences.

However, something greater is worthy of the statement, “Against my Soul.”   I can and will do everything in my power to prevent a candidate from winning who disrespects life and who would support and promote the killing of an unborn child.  This candidate is so evil, she supports dismembering the body and crushing the head of a baby in the womb, the place where a baby should feel the safest.  What kind of a woman would fight for that?

It bothers me that she disrespects life so much that she would murder. I would expect her to carry that philosophy through to every policy and area of government, for if she can disrespect an unborn baby’s life, she will disrespect ours at some level, maybe every level.  It is an unborn baby today.  Tomorrow, it may be mandated euthanasia of the elderly and the sickly.  Tomorrow it may be the extermination of certain groups and races.

The sanctity and respect of life lays at the very foundation of a freedom loving government.  It permeates every area from Congress to the classroom.  It is the basis of respect for each other as God made us and how God made us.  We are grateful for life, all life, for it is the greatest gift and privilege we could have in this world and in the next.  The doctor is cautious; the bully is silenced, the judge is fair, the teacher invests, and the parent loves, because of the precious life in the balance.

We protect and nourish that life.  We build bulwarks of wisdom to guide that life.  We give that life the tools to succeed and grow into a contributor, a lover of life, a mentor to others.  We give up ourselves, our dreams, our goals, our self-indulgences, and our plans for the future because this little one has entered our lives and we feel the awesome privilege and responsibility to love, protect him, and teach him.  This little one is not an  inconvenience or a burden.  He ain’t heavy; he’s my baby.  This little one is part of me; I am bonded for ever with him.  I have joy just watching him, just being with him. It is an honor to listen to him and to share with him what I and others have learned. I can feel the wonder of new things when I see through his eyes.  I catch the joy he shows at the little things that amuse him.  His giggles touch my soul, and it is then I know that my soul has touched  God.  For through my little one, I can know the Holy One.  I glimpse the innocence, the pure, the love of all that is right, and I feel more alive than at any other time.

How can we murder that?  In destroying that life, we destroy our own.  I see it in her.  I see the disrespect she has for the unborn and how that has translated into disrespect for the lives who get in her way.  It is not far to go from murdering an unborn child to murdering someone who thwarts her agenda or threatens to blow her cover. Yes, what does it matter that she let people die when she could have tried to saved them? They were only the lights of someones’ lives.  They brought joy to those who know that the reason to live is embodied in those we love.  She let them be dismembered, crushed and torn apart because they did not matter to her.

We cannot let this woman rule over us, for she will destroy us.  We will not matter to her.





Against My Soul

I greatly resent being told that I must cast my vote for Trump or else I am responsible for Hillary winning the Presidency.  Can’t do it.  Can’t do it.  Can’t do it!   Why do I want to vote an arrogant pouty sex pervert in the White House?  He has no governmental experience.  He doesn’t listen to advice.  He tells people what they want to hear.  He degrades and makes fun of others.  He treats women like sex objects if they are pretty and insults them if he thinks they are ugly.  He speaks very sexually inappropriate about his daughter.  He supports Planned Parenthood, yet says he is against abortion.  He is a poor sport.  He is narcissistic.  He asks for a religious advice committee and then ignores them.  He was a democrat and supported Hillary.  He brags about trying to seduce a married woman and grabbing them inappropriately.

No. Can’t do it.  If God wants Trump to be president, He will have to put him in office.  I can’t do it.

Maybe I expected a President to be classy, to be a gentleman, to act with decency and integrity.  I do not expect a President to be someone who sends horrifying chills down my back when he talks about his daughter being a “piece of ass.”

My very soul revolts against this man.  This is the type of man who molested me when I was a child.  This is the type of man who betrayed me in marriage.  This is the type of man who verbally abused me when I was married to him. This is the type of man who treated me like I was nothing and made me feel like my opinions were not worth hearing. This is the type of man who manipulated and used me, and then threw me away for someone else. This is the type of man who continually hurts people and does not care for he has no ability to empathize. This is the type of man whose pride vomits out his mouth and reeks destruction.

No I will not vote for him.  Can’t do it.  And no. I will not vote for Hillary.  Can’t do that either.  She is evil.

RNC, you  have made a grave error.

God will decide this election.  He may give us the person we deserve or He may have mercy on us and deliver us from this horrible precipice where our lives and the lives of our children are at stake.

Lord Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on us.






What My Eyes See

What I see in the would of me.

My heart is broken.  I am not free.

Wounds unhealed hurt every day.

Darkness near, can’t find my way.

Tomorrow  clouded by regrets of the past.

Clouded vision. Mistakes that last.

How can eyes with a broken heart

See the light and not the dark.


My only hope is in You, Lord.

Every day I search Your Word.

In Your arms  I will be

As I trust what Your eyes see.

For what my eyes see is not what You see

You see a hope, You see a love

You see a plan, You see above

Every darkened sky, every broken dream

Every sin and pain, You redeem!

You make a way for me

For what my eyes see is not what You see.